Franchise Facts

Ritual Kids is offering Nationwide Franchises of its Preschool.

The Nation wide Franchise network of Ritual Kids is expected to create ripples throughout the entire Preschooling Industry.

Ritual Kids is looking to setup 250+ schools over the next 5 years, with a main ideology of being the most advanced and affordable Preschool Franchise ever in the industry. The target market for Ritual Kids, would be a market covering all towns and cities across the country with a basic business mind set and a willingness to invest on quality education with care, more importantly a passion to work with kids.

Post Operating Support

  • Assistance in day to day operations & periodic review to ensure good strength of students in the school.
  • Ongoing Training to the faculties and other staff.
  • Centralized Brand Building and design support local promotions.
  • Assistance in organizing events for local promotions.
  • Guidance in resolving any kind of operational issues relating to staff and parents.
  • Regular Checks, feedbacks and Guidance on revenue generation and cost control.
  • Annual/Quarterly - National/Regional meet for Franchisees.

Franchise Requirements

To expand our network we are offering Master Franchise and Unit Franchise.

Unit Franchise

  • 1500+ sqft preferably on ground floor. (owned or leased)
  • Residential area with good density of population.
  • Investment in the range of 4 to 6 lakh depending upon city/town.
  • Innate love to work with little learners.
  • Fire to be a thriving entrepreneur.

The initial investment would be towards the cost of interiors, fixtures & fittings, equipments tools and startup franchise fee.

Please note that this initial investment depends on the model of Pre-school and could vary based on location and other factors.

Preschool Education in India An Opportunity of Life Time !

in recent years India has emerged as the intellectual hub of the world. Preschool segment caters to children in the age group og 1 to 6 years the period when a child is too young to enter into mainstream formal education.

Preschool education in India has gained immense importance over the past five years due ti increased awareness and afford ability among parents. Further increasing competition in education is prompting parents to plan their children's further from early childhood. This has resulted in the growing popularity of preschool in India. Pre-school market is fast rapid & growing market in India and is attracting many entrepreneurs to enter this space. the preschool segment of the Indian education industry is dominated by unorganized sector. The organized sector comprises 17% of the industry, with the penetration rate expected to rise to 25% due to the rapid growth of preschools in Tier-III and Tier-IV cities.



Ritual Kids has the expertise to help, nurture & support such individuals who have a desire to be part a of this growing industry

This is a great opportunity for a budding Entrepreneur, Organizations, Groups to take up a venture that fulfils a vital social needs and has a great potential for setting up a highly profitable business. People who are involved in imparting education with dedication and commitment are always treated with respect in the society and society acknowledges their contribution towards future for their children. This opportunity provides a feeling of pleasure happiness for playing the role of an educationist who provides a learning experience to the children.

From Ritual Kids

We offer certain features for our franchisees

  • The goodwill of the Ritual Educations brand. The franchisee will be able to use brand name which is accepted for quality education & other learning program.
  • The franchisee will be provided standard operating procedure which will guide you in the business processes, systems, marketing & management techniques to run successful Ritual Educations preschool.
  • The franchisee will have an advantage of proven well-researched curriculum & you will have exposure to the latest education concepts.
  • Training for curriculum, teaching methodology & business process. In addition to this franchisee & its staff members & faculty will receive initial & subsequent continual training for Ritual Kids curriculum &Little Idea) & the delivery method.
  • As a Franchisee you will receive your franchisee kit shortly after signing of the agreement which will contain the company logo, school diary, first day, parenting tips, prospectus, certificate, evaluation card, marketing elements, curriculum kit & much more...
  • Marketing help includes designing templates of all marketing collaterals & local advertisements.
  • Access to continuous research & development.
  • Ritual Kids franchisee unit will be listed on the mother website.
  • Ritual Kids franchisee unit will be promoted through the website during peak months.
  • Ritual Kids franchisee will be provided unique mail id in Ritual Educations web domain.
  • Access to skype session & Video conference for day assistance.
  • Little Club - After program - it helps in indirect marketing & revenue generation.


Teaching Your Child Some Good Manners

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